The Nike Shoes You’ll Die For In 2019

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As a totem of strength and speed, it is fitting that Nike was named after the Greek goddess of victory.

Branded trainers are nothing new to successful sports stars, and have been worn by them for years. Nike was first conceived back in 1964 and has shown no signs of slowing down.

However, you needn’t be a star athlete to enjoy the amazing comfort, durability, and support that Nike shoes offer.

Nike is brilliant at producing footwear for many different sports disciplines, but they also make sneakers that are great for just the recreational user.

Let’s have a little delve into what Nike has been doing with their brand and what Nike shoes are the hottest for this year.

Nike Air Huarache

The Huarache has been a Nike staple for a while, with a design making them stand out amongst their range.

They also benefit from Nike’s brilliant dynamic fit technology. The neoprene sleeve support complements the color-blocked heel you find on every pair. They also come in a range of stylish and modern colors and fit comfortably with a brilliant stretch fabric.

Since their release, they have continued to be a fan favorite, but back when they first came out they were game-changers in the world of running shoes.

Their creator, Tinker Hatfield, completely re-engineered the state of running shoes.

With the Huarache, he chose to make the lining of the trainer an exoskeleton, which in turn adapted and molded to the shape of the foot and ankle of the wearer.

This innovation and comfort made it spread across Basketball courts everywhere and then onto the streets.

Nike Air Max 97 QS

The Air Max 97 has rightly been a favorite since their release, with a cult-like design that seems to be the rage year on year. Because of the much-loved build of the Air Max 97, Nike has done little to change how they look.

The reflective piping and full support cushioning have helped them to be recognizable in any situation.

They originally hit the scene in 1978, when the design included a visible air pocket located within the heel. This was a unique design trait that allowed fans to not only ‘see’ the air but also ‘feel’ the air that was included. There was also an additional air pocket located in the forefoot of their 95 models.

The 97 model and its full-length implementation was truly a disruption to the running world and has since made even more impact with the unique ripple design.

Nike Air Jordan Mid

If you know anything about sport, then you will be more than familiar with Nike’s iconic Jordan range. They first hit the scene in 1985 and still remain one of the most well-known and coveted shoes available.

This fantastic sneaker was a blessing to Michael Jordan, as he started his career as a rookie, it took him all the way to his first appearance in an all-star game.

Having taken him through such a memorable journey, MJ has remained very loyal to Nike, thanks to their support. The two of them have become a tour de force in the sporting realm.

Although the design remains consistent, additional fabrics and colors have made sure the shoe stays fresh regardless of the era. It also shows no signs of slowing down as a classic sneaker.

This is thanks to the fantastic rubber grip and pivot circle providing amazing comfort along with iconic style. Add to that Nike’s customary cushioning and range of styles and you have a classic shoe for the ages.

Nike Air Max 90

When the Nike Air Max 90 dropped, it was somewhat revolutionary. The Air Max 90 continues to be a premium model with beautiful aesthetics, performance, and functionality helping it to stay in the hearts of sneaker fans.

The classic lines are also a nod to the original 90s release. With an even greater level of comfort today and better construction, the Air Max 90 is even more dependable than any predecessor.

As well as being super comfortable, the bottom line gives the Air Max 90 an iconic profile. It is fantastic for taking on the outdoors and has a snug fit with a great amount of shock absorption.

Nike Cortez

The Cortez is a retro sneaker pointing back to the original Bowerman trainers, yet with a modern take on the track and field original.

The fit is nothing less than supreme and has a comfort level unparalleled in most sneakers, thanks to an EVA wedge sole. This makes them not only comfortable but gives them a fantastic profile that never gets old and ages gracefully.

If you’re really looking for a timeless sneaker, then look no further than the Cortez. Another thing that makes them so great is their ability to serve as both a brilliant track shoe but also look stylish during your weekend leisure time.

Add to that that the Cortez is fairly inexpensive despite its good looks, and there is even less reason to not pick up a pair.

The Best Nike Shoes

Nike’s ever-growing range of shoes means there is always something for everyone. Whether you are looking to kick back with friends or are a serious athlete looking to up your game, their range of stylish yet comfortable sneakers has got you covered.

It is no wonder that stars and celebrities in the sporting world, music world, and film world choose to put on a pair of Nike shoes when they go to do their thing. Haven’t seen a pair that you like?

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