6 Best Skate Shoes in 2019

Having the right pair of sneakers can make a huge difference in how well you skateboard. Discover six amazing skate shoes you can buy in 2019.

The average cost of a new pair of skate shoes is $50 to $100.

Do you have that amount to spare, and are you in need of some brand new kicks to show off? Then you might be overwhelmed at all the choices you have.

But not to worry. If you’re in the market for new skating footwear, then keep reading. We’ll tell you what the 6 best skate shoes are for 2019.

1. DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe

If you’re going for comfort, then the DC Men’s Pure skate shoe is exactly what you want. It’s made of 100% leather, which means this skate shoe has a more elevated and elegant look when compared to more traditional ones.

In the front, the tongue is foam padded, as well as the collar. In combination, this gives you tons of comfort and support for when you’re skating.

Also, the outsole of the shoe has an abrasion-resistant sticky rubber, which means your shoes won’t break down quickly. This is great if you’re an avid skater and get into scrapes a lot.

The great thing about this skate shoe is it’s very affordable. Remember how we said the average cost of skating footwear is $50 to $100?

Well, the DC Men’s Pure skate shoe costs just around $55. Considering how comfy and durable these kicks are, they’re practically a steal!

2. adidas Originals Matchcourt High Rx

Are you someone who likes simple designs? Then we think you’ll like the adidas Originals Matchcourt High Rx shoes. They’re high tops that look reminiscent of Converses, but are much more comfortable and stable.

The materials you’ll find in this adidas skate shoe are canvas, fabric, leather, and EVA. What makes them ideal for skating is the fact that they’re vulcanized. What does this mean for you?

Well, for one, you don’t have to break them in. All you need to do is put them on and get to skating straight away! Also, you’ll have better grip and feel less impact.

In addition, these adidas kicks have reinforced toecaps so your feet stay nice and protected inside. Considering skateboarding is tough on your feet and ankles, it’s worth spending a little more on these to gain extra protection. These skate shoes come in at around $150 a pair.

3. C1RCA AL50 Adrian Lopez

Maybe you’re not a fan of the simple. Perhaps you want something a bit edgier, something that shows off some flair.

Then consider the C1RCA AL50 Adrian Lopez skate shoes. These are white with black trim and have 16 designs to choose from. They include skulls and crossbones, frowny faces, and smiley faces.

These kicks are low cut and made out of leather, which gives them a sturdier and more comfortable feel. They have wraparound soles to protect against abrasion, which you’ll definitely see out on the halfpipes.

In addition, the tongue is made of breathable mesh, so if you get your shoes wet or you sweat a lot, you won’t have to worry about soggy shoes.

These retail at around $50 to $60, so they’re on the cheaper side.

4. Etnies Scout Sneaker

The Etnies Scout sneaker isn’t technically a skate shoe, but because its features are so great, we deem them worthy of this list.

This is yet another sneaker that’s vulcanized, which means you don’t have to break them in. They’re also resistant to abrasions, so you won’t have to worry about your shoes getting scuffed up.

These low-cut shoes are made of STI Evolution Foam, rubber pods, and a mess on the upper part. What makes these kicks so special is the fact that the midsole and outsole are fused together, which means you won’t get such a heavy feel like you usually do with skate shoes.

You’ll get to enjoy 70 different styles with the Etnies Scout sneaker. If you get a pair, they’ll only set you back by $50.

5. VANS Atwood Skate Shoe

This is another simple skate shoe for those of you who aren’t very interested in flair. The VANS Atwood skate shoe is low-cut and is vulcanized, like some of the other shoes on this list.

In general, most skaters find this footwear to be very comfortable, as not only is it vulcanized, but it also has a padded tongue and collar. The only problem is because it’s vulcanized, these VANS sneakers may break down more easily than other skate shoes.

Although this footwear is pretty plain, you can still show off a little bit of personality. These shoes come in a range of 37 colors.

These kicks are extremely affordable, as most pairs cost under $50.

6. Nike SB

The Nike SB comes in a wide variety of designs. There’s something for everyone, from the Blazer GT QS and the Dunk High QS, to the Dunk Low and Air Force 2 Low.

Not only that, but you can count on this big shoe brand to bring each style out in a huge range of colors and schemes.

While Nike didn’t originally make skate shoes, you can bet they have some amazing kicks now. Over the years, they’ve realized how big the skateboarding scene is, and have pumped out some footwear specifically for this niche.

Do note that because these shoes are from a big footwear brand, any pair of Nike SBs will be a bit pricier than average. If you want a pair, they’ll cost you upwards of $100; most have a price tag of $150 or higher.

Pick up Some Great New Skate Shoes

Now that you know some of the best skate shoes for 2019, you’ll be able to buy the hottest treads your friends have ever seen. So what are you waiting for? Go and pick up one of these hot shoes to get to impressing everyone at your local skate park!

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