Top 6 Best adidas Basketball Shoes in 2019

Looking for new shoes for your basketball games? Well, adidas has a lot to offer. Check the 6 best adidas basketball shoes you can buy!

In the US, over 26.3 million Americans play basketball, which makes it the most popular sport in the country. Chances are, you’re one of these Americans, and you’re looking to improve your game.

One of the ways you can do so is by wearing better shoes. It may seem like a trivial thing, but footwear can either hinder or help your performance on the court. Plus, it can add some nice flair too.

A popular brand you’ll see many players wear is adidas. Interested? Then here are the top 6 best adidas basketball shoes in 2019.

1. Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

If you’re trying to go for style and flair, then you’ve got it in the Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes. It has an amazing design; the shoe has a piece of translucent rubber that goes all the way from the bottom up to the middle. Plus, it wraps around the midsole so you’ll get better traction.

The upper part of this sneaker is made of Primeknit Xeno, which makes the shoe both lightweight and comfortable. Plus, this material allows your feet to stay dry, as any moisture will easily evaporate.

You’ll also enjoy a lace system that’s distributed on your whole foot so you won’t experience uncomfortable pressure as you do with other kicks.

Retailing at around $100, the Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive shoes are very affordably priced.

2. Dame 3

Are you a snob about basketball shoes and will only wear signature shoes from star basketball players? Then the Dame 3 is the right shoe for you!

These are signature Damian Lillard basketball shoes by adidas, and they have a cool design. You’ll leave behind some interesting footprints with this shoe’s unique rubber outsole and sole.

On the upper part of the shoe, you’ll find meshing, which will allow your feet to breathe, even in the hottest games. And for those of you who are lazy, you’ll find the open collar a nice feature, as you’ll be able to throw these shoes on and kick them off in a flash.

The Dame 3 also has BOUNCE cushioning, which will literally keep you on your toes so no one gets past you.

Considering these are shoes by a basketball star, expect to pay a bit more for the Dame 3. These kicks retail at around $200.

3. Crazylight Boost Low

The Crazylight Boost Low first came out in 2016, but 3 years later, it’s still as popular as ever. This is a low-top shoe that has amazing traction so your performance is at its best when you’re on the basketball court.

This shoe features a Jacquard upper, which serves 2 purposes. First of all, it gives the sneakers a great look. Second of all, it’s breathable, which means moisture won’t get trapped inside.

Other features include a molded TPU eyestay piece, heel cup, and a back collar insert. All these contribute to maximum comfort and stability.

The Crazylight Boost Low is lightweight, which means you won’t feel weighed down while playing ball. 

These retail for around $100, so they’re not too badly priced for basketball shoes.

4. Performance Men’s Cloudfoam

As the name suggests, the Performance Men’s Cloudfoam basketball shoes will feel like a dream. These kicks are made of leather and lightweight fabric, which contribute to the feeling that you’re walking on clouds.

Another important feature that makes for the floaty feeling is the Cloudfoam, which you’ll find in both the midsole and sock liner. Plus, there’s memory foam in the footbed. As a result, you’ll enjoy lots of cushioning, and your feet will never get tired when you’re playing basketball.

If you’re interested in buying these sneakers, you may expect to shell out the big bucks for such wonderful technology. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that these shoes can cost anywhere from $60 to $85. They’re definitely a steal at those prices! 

5. Performance Men’s Cross ‘Em 3

If you have narrow feet and find normal basketball shoes annoying, then you’ll find some comfort with the Performance Men’s Cross ‘Em 3. Your feet won’t slip and slide in these, plus they offer great support.

These basketball sneakers are made of synthetic leather and other manmade materials. For better comfort, adidas has put in an EVA sock liner.

What makes these kicks unique is their torsion system. As a basketball player, you know how important it is to turn on a dime and in a moment’s notice. This torsion system allows you to make quick pivots and crosses to outplay your opponents.

Like most of the other basketball shoes on this list, the Performance Men’s Cross ‘Em 3 are very affordable. They come in at around $85.

6. Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Low

The Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Low basketball sneaks offer a no-frills look if you’re into that. These are made of 100% coated leather and have textile linings.

Like with the previous shoes on this list, these have a torsion system that allows you to be nimbler in your games. They also have the EVA midsole for better comfort; the arch support is superb.

These are a good pair to consider if you’re working with a small budget. The Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Low shoes retail at around $50.

Get the Best adidas Basketball Shoes Available

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Hopefully, our list’s given you a good idea of which basketball shoes work best for your lifestyle and budget. The next time you get on the court, not only will you be able to up your game, but you’ll also get to show off your amazing new kicks so all the other players will be jealous!

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