Men’s Fashion Tips: What to Wear With White Sneakers

White sneakers are all the rave right now, so it is important to know what to wear with white sneakers in order to look your best.

Sneakers have been a popular fashion staple ever since the late 19th century. Sneakers are available in every color with a myriad of designs. There are plenty of designer and sports sneakers to enhance your fashion game and offer more sneaker benefits.

White sneakers are a favorite amongst sneaker aficionados and they’re a major trend right now. Styling white sneakers can be challenging. White sneakers look loud on a casual outfit and it’s difficult to wear other colors with white sneakers.

Are you wondering what to wear with white sneakers? Here are some outfit ideas.

Stick to Neutrals

White sneakers look best with white outfit pieces. But do you only have to stick with white? There are different shades of white and it can be challenging finding an all-white outfit. Instead, just stick to neutrals.

If you do decide to match your white sneakers with neutrals, mix in some white and neutral pieces.

For example, try and find an off-white jacket or blazer, such as cream. Match the jacket and sneakers with a white shirt and pants.

Do you want to stick to neutrals but want to be a little edgy? Opt for gold. Gold is an eye-catching color that won’t clash with your white sneakers.

Casual Business Suit

Sure, you traditionally don’t wear sneakers with a formal suit. But what about a casual business suit? If your job is lenient about the dress code, spice up your tux with a unique button-down shirt, such as floral print.

Find a jacket and pants that match the shirt and match it with your white sneakers.

What suit colors look best with white sneakers? Look for navy and a deep royal purple business suits.

Be Edgy

White shoes are famous for their clean look. This doesn’t mean you can’t dress up white shoes and give your outfit a little bit of edge.

Start your outfit with a black leather jacket and black trousers. If you want the serious greaser vibes, wear a white T-shirt under the ensemble.

When in Doubt, Denim It Up

Oh, denim jeans. Our best friend. No matter what you’re wearing, denim jeans always look great. The same goes for white sneakers.

For best results, find a pair of jeans in a classic denim wash. As an alternative, you can find denim-colored trousers. Match your white shoes with a white top. If you’re wearing a belt, choose a white belt or a neutral color such as brown.

Prep School Style

Even if you don’t attend a prep school, prep school uniform has a nostalgic and vintage vibe. The clean and sleek look of white sneakers goes great with this style.

Wear a long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-down top. You can choose a solid-colored or patterned shirt. If you choose patterned, make sure no other aspect of your outfit has any patterns. If the weather is chilly, wear a cardigan.

Which colors should you choose? Navy, hunter green, brown, white, and off-white all look great with white sneakers.

To finish the outfit, throw on some comfy corduroy pants.

Pastels for Spring

Spring is right around the corner. You know what that means, right? Pastels are trending! If you’re a guy who’s a sucker for pastels, rest assured these Easter colors look amazing with white sneakers.

Get your spring style on with a T-shirt and shorts. Choose pastels such as green, blue, and even pink and purple.

Not Into Pastels? Choose Neon

Not all men are into pastels. But if you have a neon sweater or shirt you’re struggling to match, the intensity of neon colors look great with white sneakers.

The key to styling neons is to have one piece a neon color and keep the other outfit elements toned down. For example, let’s say you’re wearing a bright red shirt. Wear pants in a neutral color such as black or even gray.

You’ll also want to avoid wearing white pants with your white sneakers. The intensity of the neon shirt and the brightness of the shoes is already eye-catching. Dark-colored pants will tie in both pieces together.

Prom or Wedding Comfort

Before we continue on this topic, know you shouldn’t wear sneakers if the wedding or event you’re attending states the attire must be formal.

More weddings and even prom are breaking traditional dress codes. If you’re the kind of guy who isn’t into dress shoes, these events are great opportunities to break out your white sneakers.

The best practice is to style your sneakers with the right suit. Wear a white or neutral suit.

If you’re not wearing a full-on suit (for more casual weddings and proms) then choose a white or neutral button-down shirt. It’s best you mix in other colors, such as black. A black tie and trousers can help mix the outfit better.


Athleisure is probably the most appropriate trend that welcomes white sneakers. You have a wide selection of clothing options and just about all of them match with white sneakers.

For street athleisure wear, choose a fitness shirt or hoodie. Wear denim shorts or pants with your white sneakers. You can also pair your white sneakers with sweatpants and a casual T-shirt.

Athleisure pieces come in a range of different colors and all of them look great with white sneakers. It’s best to choose neutrals, such as black, white, and gray. But you can spice up your outfit with different colors such as blue.

What to Wear With White Sneakers: You Have Options

White sneakers are seriously trending right now. They have a clean appearance and look sleek.

However, styling white sneakers can be difficult. If you’re wondering what to wear with white sneakers, know you have plenty of options. Remember this style advice and outfit recommendations the next time you wear your white sneakers.

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