4 Interesting Sneaker Designs That Make You Go “Huh?”

Sometimes, we just can’t keep up with sneaker trends. Every once in a while our eyes meet with sneaker designs that are … interesting. Whether the unconventional takes on sneakers leave you hyped or scratching your head, it doesn’t hurt to take at look at the following 4 silhouettes that raise eyebrows and turn heads.

Show Off Your Socks.

Interesting Design: Nike React Element 87 "Sail Light Bone"
Nike React Element 87 “Sail Light Bone”

See-through uppers seem to be a hit recently. Popularized by the OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Fly collection released back in 2018, translucent materials are the feature of many experimental designs.

Carrying over the deconstructed aesthetic, the Nike React Element 87 features a translucent mesh upper and stitched on detailing. The see-through design incorporates your socks into the shoes’ overall color scheme.

Interesting Design: Acne Studios N3W Transparent Sneaker "White"
Acne Studios N3W Transparent Sneaker “White”

Taking the transparent trend up a notch is the latest Acne Studios N3W Transparent Sneakers. Atop the white midsole is a completely clear upper detailed with white topstitching, allowing the signature pink sockliner to shine through.

Coming in an equally clear box, the Acne Studios N3W Transparent Sneakers are limited to 150 pairs worldwide.

Deconstruction Taken Too Far?

Interesting Design: New Balance Made In US 998 Limited
New Balance Made In US 998 Limited

Despite the borderline intimidating appearance, the New Balance Made In US 998 Limited means well.

There are many cool things about this model, one being the fact that each pair is built with excess materials from footwear production. Why let them all go to waste when you can craft one of the most special silhouettes in sneaker history?

Loosely based on the classic 998 design, the upper features a mix of textures ranging from pigskin suede, mesh and premium fabrics atop a ultra-durable rubber sole.

Limited to 100 pairs, every pair is unique and you’ll get to find out what yours look like the moment they arrive.

Whoa, That’s A Lot.

Interesting Design: Gucci SEGA Chunky Jewels Sneaker
Gucci SEGA Chunky Jewels Sneaker

There aren’t even words for it, the Gucci SEGA Chunky Jewels Sneakers are just too much.

Built from a mix of suede, leather and mesh materials, the opulent sneakers come in a total of 6 colorways. Adding to extraness of all the design elements, the shoes are wrapped in jewel studded straps to deliver a sporty luxe vibe.

Seeing as they came out in 2018 (around the same time the Triple S started the chunky sneaker trend), some argued that Gucci was only cashing in on what was popular at the time.

But if you’re a fan of a more avant garde silhouette (and don’t mind a large bill), definitely check out the SEGA collection.


Interesting Design: Reebok ATV 19+
Reebok ATV 19+

From certain perspectives, the Reebok ATV 19+ is pretty great.

Released way back in 2013, the pair featured a very ambitious silhouette which is frankly still ahead of our time. Drawing inspiration from the bouncy reaction balls, the circular nodes in the sole were designed to give wearers more stability.

But given their uncanny resemblance to sea creatures, the pair are dubbed some of the most ridiculous sneaker designs ever. They’re definitely unforgettable.

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