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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Air Jordans

Did you know that Michael Jordan made over $1 billion from Nike? It’s been one of his most lucrative career choices, and the shoes have become a staple in the industry for decades.

If you have Air Jordans, you know how valuable the pair is, with some people considering it as part of their most-prized collections. Some won’t even consider wearing Air Jordans because they don’t want to ruin them. But if you want practicality, you want to at least take it with you from time to time.

Don’t worry; we’ve got a list of mistakes to avoid.

With this guide, you’ll learn when to wear Jordans and what to avoid to ensure your pair stays in its pristine condition. Read on and learn more here:

1. Wearing the Same Jordans Each Day

Regardless of whether you’re wearing premium Air Jordans or a regular pair of sneakers, this mistake is the most heinous of them all. The primary reason why you must avoid wearing the same pair is that humidity will make your shoe leather distorted. With frequent use, your shoes won’t regain their shape and they degrade faster.

That’s why a general rule is to let your Air Jordans rest for two days whenever you wear them for a day. It becomes an even more serious situation if you sweat a lot. In this case, you must wait for 3-4 days before you can wear the shoes once more.

That’s why you should own a minimum of 3 pairs of Air Jordans for a weekly rotation. The ideal should be seven, so you can wear a different pair each day. You can start by checking out the Jordan Brand’s Fall 2020 Collection preview.

If you don’t follow this practice, even with a high-quality pair of Air Jordans, it won’t last for a year. Also, you’ll notice a more rapid deterioration of the shoes’ comfort and external design.

2. Not Taking Five Minutes to Clean Your Shoes

When you wear your Air Jordans, you must make it a reflex to clean your shoes before and after use. It will only take a few minutes for you to brush your shoes. Doing this will ensure that your pair of sneakers will last longer while maintaining its aesthetics and comfort.

After you finish wearing your Air Jordans, make sure to untie them and take the shoestrings off using two hands. This lets you avoid damaging the heel counter. Never take off your shoes by blocking one heel with another.

After this, let your shoes breathe for several minutes. Regardless of your shoes’ cleanliness, get a mud scraper and brush your shoes with it. Do this for 30 seconds to ensure that your shoes won’t degrade as fast since stains won’t have time to permeate into the leather.

3. Using Bad Quality Cleaning Products

Care products are available in lots of places, like supermarkets, shoe stores, and the internet. It’s become more convenient to get care products for your Air Jordans because of eCommerce. After all, American consumers will spend around $710 billion buying products online.

Regardless, these products have varying levels of quality. The first thing you must remember is to use products with natural materials. Another good trap to avoid is to get brushes with precious wood handles since you’re buying it more for the wood instead of the brush hair.

4. You Aren’t Using Water and Stain Repellants

Despite your Air Jordans’ quality, you should get water and stain repellants to protect them. Look for water-based repellants that make a breathable barrier. This ensures that any stray liquid will bead off while you walk around with your precious sneakers.

5. You Aren’t Storing the Sneakers Properly

If you’re an Air Jordans fanatic, stuffing over 20 pairs of them in their original boxes can crowd your bedroom. Otherwise, owning 5-7 pairs of these means taking their storage seriously. Never chuck your shoes in a bottom cupboard since it will crease your shoes and make the leather crack.

Most of the time, the warping it sustains is irreversible. Also, improper storage means dust and other debris can get inside your shoes’ creases and crevices. When they’re left this way, you can expect them to get dirtier faster.

That’s why keeping them in their original boxes will keep them clean. Also, it looks more pleasing if you showcase them to others. It shows your commitment to the brand.

6. You Aren’t Using Shoe Trees

Most people find shoe trees excessive for sneakers like Air Jordans. It’s more common for dress shoes to use this, like Oxfords. But the good news is that whether you’re using Reebok or Air Jordans, the principle remains consistent.

You have two options, plastic and cedar shoe trees. Since you’re paying a premium price for an Air Jordan, you pick the latter. The former only makes the leather part stretch out to help preserve their high-end appeal by preventing creases and cracks.

But your ultimate goal is to invest in cedar shoe trees. They’re great in maintaining the shape while taking away the moisture. It prevents your Air Jordans from becoming discolored and smelly.

7. You Aren’t Maintaining Your Laces

Most people forget about their Air Jordans’ laces. These are susceptible to dirt and dullness in the long run, just like the rest of your sneakers. That’s why you must clean them regularly to rejuvenate your sneakers’ appearance and style.

It’s always a good idea to keep extra lace sets in the box since you never know when your current ones will give out. When cleaning your laces, make sure to take them out of the shoes using both your hands and wash them with soapy water.

If you use bleach or rub them, they get frayed easily. After you finish washing them, wring them out and hang to dry before you lace them back up.

Start Wearing Air Jordans with Pride Today!

These are some mistakes you must avoid when wearing Air Jordans. Use these tips to develop healthy habits before and after you wear these premium sneakers.

Do you need new sneakers for your collection? If so, contact us today and we’ll help you find the right Air Jordan sizes for you.

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