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Our Complete Review of the New Balance v5

A good shoe should provide excellent traction, comfort, and durability. Our complete review of the New Balance v5 presents to you a shoe that has exceptional performance. Its upper is made of suede and mesh that provides breathability and support. It has outstanding cushioning, keeping your feet comfortable. 

This shoe has other technological and structural improvements from its predecessors. You get to enjoy a footwear hug since it has a snug fit. It also adds style to its function, making it even more striking. 

Size and Fit

The New Balance 990v5 fits any foot type within the available size ranges. It is obtainable for men in US half sizes 7-13 and whole sizes 14-16 (2A-6E widths). For women, half sizing 5 to 12 and 13 with widths 2A-2E. This shoe fits half a size larger. So if you are a size 10 D, you should purchase a 9.5 D. 


New Balance 990v5 is an iconic shoe with an updated design making it more stunning than its predecessors. While it has technological and structural updates, this shoe retains the original style of the series. This shoe’s upper silhouette design looks great everywhere, whether on the morning run or the runway.


The New Balance 990v5 upper presents to you a nostalgic style if you are a 990 series wearer. It has suede and mesh, giving you comfort and breathability. The mesh is no-sew, offering you more ease.

According to some people, the suede is thinner than full-grain leather making it more susceptible to damage, unlike other shoes. However, its softness proves to be a pleasant texture. Other than this opinion, this shoe is durable. 


This shoe has a 12mm drop, which is comfortable even when on light trails. It also offers maximum stability for secure runs or walks. The midsole has an ENCAP cushioning that offers you enhanced comfort, especially when you want to move on diverse surfaces. This cushioning uses lightweight foam and a durable polyurethane rim delivering all the support you need. 


New Balance 990v5 has a blown rubber outsole that covers the entire surface. It also has flexion grooves offering you great traction no matter the surface you walk or run on. This outsole also allows you to have contact with the ground, making it even more stable and secure. The rubber material makes it more durable hence you can use it to run on the treadmill, on the track or tarmac. 


Although this shoe resembles the previous versions from heel to toe and silhouette, it is moderately heavier than them. You have to be comfortable with this weight (388g) to enjoy all that it offers. 


  • It has a durable blown rubber outsole.
  • It provides excellent traction.
  • It comes in 13 colorways
  •  This shoe offers all-day comfort giving you a pleasant wearing experience.
  • It is cozy since it gives you a snug fit, not too tight.
  • It is an all-round sneaker. You can use it anywhere, even on elliptical workouts.
  • It is more comfortable than its predecessors, making it a reliable lifestyle shoe.
  • It is flexible
  • It is stable and offers the support you need
  • Its size is accurate to those who like a snug fit.


  •  It is weighty compared to the prior versions.
  •  Some wearers complain that they can easily puncture the upper; not durable.
  • Some noted that its tongue was too thick and long.
  • The tongue may feel a bit uncomfortable for those who prefer a softer feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference between New Balance 990v5 and 990v4?

Also known as the original ‘Dad’ shoe, the New balance 990v updates its style, design, and durability in every new model. What is the difference between the 990v4 and 990v5 versions?

The 990v5 weighs more 388g than the 990v4 which is 385g. Another notable difference is the plastic strap component on the 990v’s side adjacent to the ankle area. Its mesh areas are also simple. They are fewer and have larger breathable zones that give them a sleeker appearance. But this does not alter the shoe’s functionality.

Does New Balance 990v5 Run Big?

Although the New Balance 990v5 has a snug fit, it runs moderately big. It is best to order a true size or a half size smaller. If you have narrow feet, it is safe to go a half size down from your usual Adidas and Nike shoe size.

Is New Balance 990v5 Good for Running?

This shoe is inspired by running and is versatile. It has a blown rubber sole that has grooves offering you excellent traction on any surface. This sole is also tough hence durable for any activity, whether running on a treadmill or tarmac. Do not feel restricted to wear your 990v5 for morning runs. It can do it all!

Is New Balance 990v5 Suitable for Plantar Fasciitis?

New Balance are motion control shoes. They are a great solution to overpronators who need much stability and support. They also have outstanding arch support making them appropriate for someone who has Plantar Fasciitis. They also have features like a wide toebox that specially offer comfort to bunions.

What is ‘v’ in the Style Number?

V represents the version number of your shoe. For instance, v2, v4, and v5. A shoe like 880v10 has had various updates, the v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7. If you observe a complete style number, the letter that comes after the number shows the color code. 

The New Balance 990v5 offers you nearly all the features you would dream of in a running shoe. It has a robust blown rubber outsole that gives you great traction. It also provides you with the support and stability you need as you make every step. When you buy this shoe, you get an ENCAP midsole that has maximum comfort. It also has a snug fit. So, if you love footwear, this is a good deal. 

It has a suede and mesh upper that gives you excellent breathability and support. Its collar has good padding supporting your ankle and upper heel. Buying the New Balance 990v5 will mean getting the best with a few compromises like weight.

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