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Our Complete Review of the Nike Air Jordan 10

You deserve a comfortable shoe that can serve you anytime. That’s why our complete review of the Nike Air Jordan 10 offers you a sneaker that cares for your feet and keeps you set for any event. We bring you a shoe with good traction and cushioning, helping you make your moves while secure. This footwear also comes with full-grain leather and a soft garment that is durable and flexible. If you want more from this shoe, let’s delve in.


When you view this traction, you get the idea of a great on-court company. The Nike Air Jordan 10 looks like a masterpiece that can keep up with all the moves you make.

Well, does it work, or is this a way of tooting its own horn?

While most users champion the herringbone pattern, Nike nailed it on this shoe. They utilized stripes, which surprisingly work so well. This pattern is solid in linear and lateral footwork.

You get to make great jump stops, jab steps, abrupt stops, and quick cuts. Its rubber compound thickness is suitable for outdoor or indoor plays. It doesn’t matter what the court’s condition is; you will get the best from this shoe.


This shoe features a ‘modern’ phylon midsole. While it may not be soft like other renditions, it goes beyond your expectation and takes good care of you all the way. The cushion also does not have step-in comfort like the Ortholite insole -this insole is a quick fix if you feel the need to swap it. However, it has a full-length air unit along the midsole phylon that works so well.

It also has a molded arch giving you stability. The Nike Air Jordan 10 also provides you with a smooth heel to toe shift. The phylon midsole and the Air Unit construction ensures that you get an excellent court feel.


Nike Air Jordan 10 upper is a blend of full-grain leather and soft garment. When you hear of the full-grain leather, you know that you’ve got yourself a long-lasting shoe. These two materials also offer you exceptional comfort and flexibility.

Although this shoe had a reinforcement on the toecap, Michael Jordan eliminated it. Nike Air Jordan 10 has leather overlays on its side panels that offer you additional support and durability. This shoe also comes with thick foam inside for comfort.

Who would not want to fit a handcrafted shoe with organic materials that feel luxurious?


Probably you’ve had that uneasy break-in time that comes with new leather shoes. If you have, you know how painful it can get. This shoe eliminates having to go through this. Its break-in time is painless and easy.

Another common issue with leather-based shoes is losing shape gradually. The Nike Air Jordan 10 has bands on the tongue, which maintain the snugness and keep your shoe secure from day one to the last.

Similar to other basketball brands, the Nike Air Jordan 10 comes in the usual width and length. Most users find it true to size; you can order it without getting worried. Nevertheless, if your feet are a bit wide and this is an initial purchase, you may want to try it on to ensure it fits you comfortably.

The Nike Air Jordan 10 stretchable bands on the mesh tongue also keep your feet in place. This shoe also has a lacing system for lockdown. This system uses lace loops for speed lacing. Not forgetting that the laces play a significant role in the great fit.


If you prefer shoes with exceptional ventilation features like the Nike KD 12, which has a full-length Zoom Air Unit, you may not be impressed by this shoe. The Nike Air Jordan 10 has a mesh tongue, for breathability. Other than this part, you won’t find any additional ventilation.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to dismiss this premium sneaker. If ventilation is a top priority, you can decide to use these sneakers off-court.


For support and stability, this shoe does a good job. It has a moderately stiff ankle collar; hence it offers you enough support. It also allows movement with no restrictions. This sounds great if you are a cager.

While you can’t point out whether the Nike Air Jordan 10 has a midfoot shank, it has a stiff midsole and air sole, which limit its flexibility a bit. However, it has a very flat outsole, which adds to its stability. These shoes give you a stable and secure feeling as you play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Style Suggestions Work Best with the Nike Air Jordan 10?

This shoe’s mid-top silhouette makes you set for any event. It has a simple design and elusive colors that look amazing when you pair them with jeans, tuxedos, khakis, and long/short pants. Your life is made easy!

How does Nike Air Jordan 10 weigh?

The weight of a shoe is a significant concern for many buyers. This shoe beats other Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 3 Retro models, which weigh 510 g and 527 g, respectively. It weighs 400g, making it a better choice if you prefer moderately light footwear.

How Do I Know If a Jordan 10 Is Fake?

It is absurd that people out there will try to bring down this first-rate shoe like this. But what can’t cons do?

When you get new Jordan 10 shoes, they should have a tag (Air Jordan collection) in the tongue. Their embroidery is supposed to be neat and tight. The wording on the tag should be white stitching. These sneakers also come with a Jumpman logo on the heel.

Whether you need an on-court company or to get ready for an event, Nike Air Jordan 10 comes in handy. This shoe has an outer sole that provides good traction, helping you move securely in indoor and outdoor plays. Its cushioning offers comfort and a great heel to toe transition.

The Nike Air Jordan 10 has a full-grain leather and a soft garment that make it durable, flexible, and comfy. They are also true to size unless you have wide feet. They also have good support, especially on the ankle collar. Their ventilation is a bit low compared to other shoes, but this might only affect your decision to wear them on-court.Get a pair of authentic Nike Air Jordan 10s here on Kickscrew.

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