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Our Complete Review of the Adidas Predator

About five years ago the Adidas predator was retired. In 2021, we see a predator that sees every bit from the future worthy of its aggressive name and every bit of nature. This is the next generation, and we pay them a few weeks in advance to see what they are about.

We know what some of you think. How do you call this a predator? All right, all right, exit. Let’s help with that. First of all, we regret calling this review feature ‘Lace-Up’ because there are no laces these days, but you are not here. You’re here to find out what the Predator is all about, and if it’s a worthy addition to the iconic Predator timeline.

Now, in 2020, we see a predator that sees every bit from the future worthy of its aggressive name and every bit of nature. This is the next generation, and we pay them a few weeks in advance to see what they are about.

What’s New With Adidas Predator?

First, we have a new name, the previous 18+ and 19+ were the same, but we have echoes of Accelerator, Mania, Rapier, and many more, and by 2020 it has its name, it is Generation, Mutter and we like it, the beast has evolved. To improve rotation when moving the ball at key contact points, Demonskin modifies Controlskin from 19+.

The collar is the next way, the bigger way in this version, mainly they still have to stand out on the pitch, but the best news is that the lace 20.1 option comes with a lower primetime option if you like, yes, please! In the beginning, there is a split Soul blade, which is something we have seen in Bretz before, but it goes back to the days of mania, and now it is more associated with the Mercury line of Nemesis and Nike.

With that out of the way, let’s now focus on the review of this product.

At first glance, there is a lot to go inside. If you belong to a generation that has fallen into the ‘glorious years’ of mania, acceleration, and precision, yes, this may be a bit intimidating.

But Predator Mutation is the most Fred-like-Brett to hit the market in a long time, but quietly whispered in 2007 We say from Predator Powerswerve. Silo’s identity is back.

We magnified it a little bit, didn’t we? Now we are trying to back it up. When the Predator 18+ returned in late 2017, it was essentially an evolution of the ACE series. Do not misunderstand us, it’s a good start, but now we’ve seen Predator Mutation that cannot help, but I think Predator 18+ was built as an interim program. . This franchise here feels like a real comeback of the Predator series. OG colorway, genuine rubber components that allow you to manipulate ball rotations, control, and power. Yes, this is your comeback.

Frankly, at first, mainly due to the extended collar which is a bit more reasonable than the previous version? But our worries stop there because as soon as you realize that rubber elements are placed in the strike zones of the boot, you soon realize that it is undoubtedly a predator.

There is a sudden plea to grab a bag of football, camp on the edge of the 18-yard box, and launch a curling attack in both upper corners. For us, this is a feeling that every Predator release should give you, and a feeling that has been missing for a long time.

A final note to the lines; they feel like that silo owes a look. They are individually positioned and can be immediately identified by the shape of the lines just like the old Predators, which have a strong identity. Feel it.


We’ll start with a little negative so far. The only thing we call it is that when you point your toes and fully extend your foot, you can feel the collar folds slightly over the heel. The lower collar and collarless versions do not do this, but it is worth noting. The increase in collar height comes directly from professional player feedback, so it’s hard to argue too much with that.

Agility-wise, the Adidas Predator provides a fit even though the Mutter is thinner than the previous version. When changing the direction you are not going to find your feet slipping into the boot, it feels like your foot is shaped. And when the thin feeling feels less warm than the previous generation, we see this as positively as your touch significantly closer to the ball.

The 406 spikes that sit on top of the Demonskins are tactically positioned and act depending on how you position your foot: that is if you make a pass mattress they will absorb speed, but if you hit the ball they add extra explosive force.

On Feet

They glide well, and we were amazed at how long it takes to get some laceless boots. Once you feel the thin fit you want to feel, forget about it even if the collar rises slightly higher than you are used to. It may seem a little different at first (unless you wear black socks), but like any new technology, it quickly becomes the norm.

Overall fit is an improvement for us Predator 18 and 19+ boots. We often felt that the laceless versions of previous generations were shorter and pushed too firmly into your toes, often exaggerating the lack of laces with tight-fitting. Oddly injured toenails are not uncommon, so it is a personal relief to see the thick material on the toes as the most comfortable fit. Chrome Split-Solate feels more flexible straight out of the box than the hard one found in the previous generation, so all the good news out there.


Yes, this is where you came from. The biggest compliment we can give Adidas Predator is that it feels like a Predator. Tactically scattered rubber elements on the top affect how the ball spins and moves when you cross the ball.

Although the previous generation was decent for a bit of power, the Predator Mutation provides you with those extra needle spin and the tools to roll in your shots. Bending the ball towards the goal, or around the players, when going a long way or right behind, this technology helps.

Many boots cannot improve your ability, it’s always a dangerous way to describe a boot, it’s exemplary, but if you roll a free kick or spin a pass around a defender you cannot find a better boot to do it inside – it feels easy to do so. The Mutation is a reminder of why Adidas first invented the Predator technology. It works.

Final Thoughts

In short, it feels like Adidas Predator’s identity is back. Only the rubber element in the striking zones makes it. When the Predator created the franchise, it was a real invention that allowed players to increase their influence in spinning the ball. It’s one of the greatest boot inventions of all time, and now that it’s back, it’s been crazy for so long. Join the fun.

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