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Our Complete Review of the Jordan Retros

Getting the right sneaker can be an uphill struggle. While you want a specific combination of features, they might come generalized. Our complete review of the Jordan Retro 4s presents to you a shoe with an iconic and timeless silhouette. You can wear it with different outfits to achieve a stylish look.

The Jordan Retro 4s comes with sturdy traction, offering you support and a feeling of security every step you make. It also has heel and forefront ventilation features which provide optimum breathability. Nike also made its upper with a tough leather making it durable. Nevertheless, when the coat dries out, you may get some cracks.

Do you want to find out more about the Jordan Retro 4s? If yes, let’s delve in.


Nike decided to use the herringbone traction on the Jordan Retro 4s. Such great news for those who love an enhanced traction performance. This traction is firm allowing you to move safely from side to side, front to back or vice versa. While this traction contains the Jordan Retro 3s stars and textured rubber, its surface is better by far.

If you are searching for the ideal sneaker that will give you a secure feeling as you move, Jordan Retro 4s is the shoe to buy. Whether on a smooth or rough surface, the traction serves you exceptionally.


What about its ventilation features?

Compared to its previous models, the Jordan Retro 4s ventilation is outstanding. It has mesh side panels which allow the air to flow in and out providing optimum breathability. However, the tongue padding does not optimize breathability.

The mesh tongue is also moderately constrained but still allows airflow through its large perforations; you may not notice the restriction. While Nike used less breathable leather than the full-grain one, they ensured you get excellent ventilation. This means your feet will enjoy improved cooling and reduced moisture. Such a comfortable space for your feet, right?


When it comes to cushioning, the Jordan Retro 4s did not bring anything new from its predecessor. Nike made its midsole with the polyurethane, which is light and does not limit design potential. Giving you an easy time as you make each step. Besides, who wants weighty shoes?

This sneaker also comes with a heel air unit and forefoot air unit as well for enhanced breathability. While most casual wearers complained regarding the cracking paint, Nike made an extra step of customizing the polyurethane. They made it denser, and so it can remain strong for a long time without crumbling.


The Jordan Retro 4s fits just right. It has a first-rate midfoot to heel lockdown, giving you all the comfort you need. The forefoot lacewings embrace and put your foot in place. The rear wings offer you a lockdown fit when you adjust the laces. Your foot will not slip in the shoe. Hence you will enjoy a great fit. While the newer releases fit ½ size bigger, you can fix this by ordering a ½ size lesser.


The Jordan Retro 4s has a sculpted arch that gives you a better fit and support as you flex your feet. It has a rubber heel cup which has average support compared to Jordan Retro 2s. The midfoot to heel fits well enough to allow performance although not maximum.

The rear wings hug your foot, putting them in place, therefore offering you good backing. The traction is solid and top-class, giving you support and a secure feeling any time you move. In general, this shoe provides good enough support, but if you are looking for advanced backing for your heel area, you may want to check out the Nike KD 12.


For Jordan Retro 4s upper, Nike used PU coated leather. This adjustment was also made due to the casual wearers’ complaints. While it’s economical leather than full-grain, it is strong. When using this type of leather, the manufacturer spits the leather, then places a topcoat made of polyurethane giving the shoe a final leather look which is more rigid.

Compared to a full-grain leather shoe, this shoe can bear the rigors on-court action better. Nevertheless, when the topcoat dries out, it will begin to crack. If you prefer a painless and more comfortable break-in time, you may find the Jordan Retro 4s rough.


  • The Jordan Retro 4s has excellent traction, which offers you support and enhanced performance.
  • It has heel and forefoot air units which provide optimum breathability.
  • This shoe fits well embracing your foot in place.
  • It has a good lockdown.
  • This shoe looks great with different outfits.
  • The upper is made of a sturdy material; hence it’s durable.
  • It has numerous colorways you can choose from


  • This shoe has a sore break-in time.
  • When the upper coat dries out, it starts cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jordan Retro 4s Run Big or Small?

Jordan Retro 4s runs small with time. If you do not like a snug fit, you may have to grab ½ a size bigger. Some wearers have gone a size bigger, but this is for those who like having quite some allowance. They are also comfortable, particularly during winter/fall. However, you can still wear them in summer.

Are Jordan Retro 4s Good for Playing Basketball?

This shoe has great traction and firm heel cushioning, which make it fit for playing basketball. However, as a modern shoe, it leaves numerous gaps such as support, lockdown, and fit. This shoe is also light compared to its predecessors; a difference of 100g plus.

A shoe that has excellent traction, great breathability, and durability is a great buy. Our complete review of the Jordan Retro s brings you a sneaker with this combination. This shoe has herringbone traction, which supports and secures you any time you flex. It also has heel and forefront air units that provide optimum breathability. You get to experience better cooling!

While it remains true to its original version, this shoe has numerous improvements. It comes with better materials which are sturdy. It also has a good lacing system which helps to put your foot in place for enhanced support. Nevertheless, you may have to go ½ a size down if you prefer a snug fit. Buying the Jordan Retro 4s means securing good performance with little compromise.

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